Shvydkogroshy Microloans Creative platform and campaigns


The client needed a new communication platform as the environment has been becoming more and more competitive. The main benefit of the product is its high speed. We found a way to differentiate: we saw that quick loans mainly communicate like gambling category. So we created a platform, based on the belief that microloans are not a sign of you being unsuccessful, but a mean to become happier, better and move forward. Thus the Fast Lama appeared - kind, positive, and helping. Fast Lama believes that even “not necessary” wishes like new shoes - are very important, as this makes you happier and gives you the energy to move forward. 

The Hero developed. Fast Lama 



The platform allowed us to generate relevant creative content quickly and utilize any occasion to market the product allery

Spring TVC 

Spring Vitamins video 

Back to School video 

10 years anniversary TVC 

Use online video

New Year video

New year video 

New year video 

st Valentine's day video 

st Valentine's day video 

New year video