Focus is the leading Ukrainian business edition. It publishes the lists of the most successful people. But this time, in the season of the President’s election, among the UKRAINE'S GREATEST INVESTORS, you would not see oligarchs or presidential candidates.
Five war veterans, dressed like top businessmen, pose on the cover under the title "Ukraine's Greatest Investors." When you open up the magazine anticipating that you will learn more about fresh millionaires’ faces, you would find those five in their military outfits with their prosthetics revealed: “Our biggest investors are not oligarchs or investment bankers. It’s our veterans, who have invested parts of themselves in our peaceful life.” Next to each hero, we'd show what he had “invested”: a leg, a hand, or both.
Yes. Each “investor” is a disabled veteran of the first war by russia against Ukraine, who invested in our future not words or promises, but literally parts of himself. 
We organized the crowdfunding initiative for these five veterans, to help them start and develop their companies: "We can not return their investments, but we can invest in their businesses" 
In the Journal and in the videos we reminded Ukrainians, that there are more than 5000 people on the list of the biggest investors now. And they need our support. 
UPDATE: With the full-scale invasion by russia in 2022, the list of the greatest investors, who invested parts of themselves, or their lives, has become much... much longer.  

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Text. Cover: Who invests the most in our country. THE GREATEST INVESTORS. Text. Inside: They invested parts of themselves in Ukraine. Their investments cannot be returned. But we can help them realize their business plans. 


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5 videos, featuring our heroes