Anna Kostylova. Screenwriter 

I'm passionate about seeing how people change with big societal and political events. I'm a fan of brave heroes and the complexity of relationships between genders.

International Protection In progress, FeatureDrama, Romance
A successful and independent Ukrainian woman, accustomed to footing the bills for men, loses everything due to the war. She and her son run away to her boyfriend in Spain. Now, she relies on him. Can their love survive these new roles and challenges? 

Tank In progress, feature filmDrama, business, biography, adventures
Based on the story of a Ukrainian entrepreneur and his fight with post-soviet Russia.  

Do Not Unhug2018, Feature Drama, romance, revolution Successfully participated in the London Screenwriter Festival pitch
When the Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity breaks into the life of a well-established office worker, she realizes that her husband chooses to work for the pro-governmental TV channel, which serves as a deadly informational weapon against her friends, the protesters. Now she needs to find her way through her marriage, love, and revolution.

Yin and What To Do With It2013, ShortAbsurd comedy, drama
A successful circus director realizes that her man has lost his enthusiasm for living. At the same time, she has become stiff and aggressive. She decides to explore her feminity in a desperate attempt to put her life back on track.

Fellini Factor 2012, Short Comedy Cannes Film Festival Creative Corner
This short student film explores the creative barriers faced by a young director: is there any sense in making movies after Fellini?

The True Story of Scarlet Sails 2010, 4-part TV show Coauthored. comedy, romance, adventures Inspired by the books by Alexander Grin
Asol had been waiting for her beloved, whom she had seen in her dreams. Finally, he appeared. But, on the ship with the red sails, she doesn't see her prince, but someone completely different.

The Form of Life 2009Feature. Co-authored. Drama Diploma of the Koronatsia Slova writing festival
Exploration of the moral descent of a young person caused by a lack of love from those who are closest to him.

Satori 2008, FeatureCo-authoredAdventure
An American comes to Ukraine in search of a treasure and finds himself on a surreal adventure of self-reinvention.

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